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Are your products limited to concentrates?

No, other products such as fruit puree, fruit essence, dice and perk are also offered by Zarnab Nectar.

What fruit concentrates are available?

Concentrates of various fruits such as apples, grapes, red grapes, pineapples, pomegranates, etc.

What is the difference between fruit puree and concentrate?

In both, the fruit juice is extracted during a process, but in puree, the material obtained is solid. While the resulting material in the concentrate is a thick liquid.

Shahed Fardad Zarnab Concentrate Company

Production of fruit concentrate and puree

Shahd Fardad Zarnab company in West Azerbaijan province has started its activity in the field of fruit concentrate and puree production since 2019.

We have tried our best to produce the best and highest quality products with our expert colleagues and even export to other countries that have a good sales market.

In order to take a step in the economic progress of the society with this work. Today, Shahd Zarnab Company has started supplying all concentrates to domestic and foreign markets by producing the best and highest quality products.

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